ATTENTION: Stop Playing Safe!

Quit Playing Defense And Start Winning Big!

Are you done playing safe?

Are you done with your old life?

Are you done being small?

Are you done losing?

Are you done failing?

Are you done bitching?

Are you done searching for excuses?

Are you done acting average?

Are you done low-living, side-walking, small planning?

Are you done lacking conviction, confidence, and courage?

Are you done being broke?

Are you done being sick?

Are you done being sick and tired?

Are you done being sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you done with cheap talk?

Are you done with cheaper than cheap excuses?

Are you done with small stuff?

Are you done with half-hearted actions?

Are you done with all the ways that didn’t bring you where you want to be?

Are you done? Once and for all?

Get it all out. And scream I have enough. This is it. Till here and no further. Not with me anymore. I am over this. I am done with it. I will never treat me this way again. I have enough of it, and I have enough of me and my old ways of thinking.

I am a new person.

The kind of person that is done with the past.

What I was, I am no more. My past isn’t defining me any longer.

I am the new me. I am done with my old self, my old efforts, my old standards, and my old laziness. That’s not me anymore.

No! No! No! I am done once and for all.

Are you done?

Are you ready for your new life?

Are you willing to raise your expectations?

Are you willing to raise your standards?

Are you willing to work more? Give more? Live more?

Are you ready to do what it takes and learn the skills and abilities you need to learn to fulfill your destiny? Or are you gonna keep bitching around, because you are not where you want to be? Are you gonna keep searching excuses and wonder why you still don’t live the life you want?

Be the new you.

Be done bitching. Be done searching excuses. Be done with little work.

Do the work that is necessary and be done once and for all with your old ways of thinking.

Now is the beginning of a new era. Your era.

Be great, be you, be a winner. Most of all be done with being small. Be done with acting small. Be done playing it safe.

Be big instead and get what you want.

Be the person you know you could have been… now! Don’t wait.

Be done with waiting. Do what is necessary now. Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow. There is only now.

Make now count and be done with being small.

Be done playing safe, once and for all!

Are you done? Are you done playing defense? Are you done playing it safe? Are you?


Action Steps:

  1. Be done playing safe. Play offense and get what you want.
  2. What do you have to quit? What do you have to stop because you know it’s not good for you? Stop it!
  3. Do stuff that makes you excited, makes you happy, and makes you feel good!
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