It's time to be bad ass and to stop complaining about your life!

How To Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining & Assume Responsibility For Your Life!

There is no room for any complaint ever.

I know this because I used to complain a lot.

  • I complained about the weather.
  • I complained about school.
  • I complained about work.
  • I complained about politics.
  • I complained about training.
  • I even complained about myself.

Till it dawned on me. Instead of complaining all the time, I should change. Not tomorrow or next year. Today!

  • If you don’t like the weather, why not change the country.
  • If you don’t like your friends, why not find new friends.
  • If you don’t like yourself, why not create a new you.

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from creating the life you want?

No One Else But You Is Stopping You

Your complaints are stopping you. And a complaint is nothing more than an excuse. An excuse in hiding… and when was the last time an excuse helped anybody?

Here is the deal…

Either you can change it, or you can’t change it.

And if you can change it, you should change it!
And if you can’t change it, you can’t do anything about it anyway. So, why even think about it?

If you can’t change it, the only option for you is to accept it the way it is, even when it’s shit.

If you can change it, please change it.

Stop complaining and either accept it for what it is or change it!

You Are Not A Tree

The information for you to change is everywhere.

20, 100 or 2000 years ago people faced the same challenges you face now. You might believe that your challenges are different than the challenges the Greeks or Romans encountered. But they are not.

People still want to be rich!
People still want to be loved!
People still want to be happy!
And what worked 2000 years ago, will still work today.

So instead of complaining resolve to start changing, immediately.

If you don’t know how or what to change get a book and read about it.

Till you figure it out or see that you can’t change it and accept it; aka shut the fuck up.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Stop Complaining
Stop complaining and start living.

Because as long as you complain and search for excuses, you are giving your power to change your life away.

You are giving it to your family, friends, society, and/or politicians.

You tell everybody you are not where you want to be because of him or her.

No, you aren’t where you want to be because of you.

Because you don’t take charge of your life. Because you give your power away.

Stop complaining. Because the moment you complain you tell your brain that you are a victim of your circumstances… and that you don’t have the power to change them.

Don’t be a victim. Assume responsibility for everything.

If you ever hear me complain, please tell me politely to shut the fuck up. There is no room for any complaint ever.

How would your life change if you stopped complaining and assumed responsibility for everything?

I bet it would change dramatically.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

Stop complaining and start changing!

Stop being a victim of your circumstances!

Take charge of your life! Now!

Action Steps:

  1. Look at the last day, month, or year and write down every instance you can remember when you complained about something. How did it improve the situation?
  2. Resolve to stop complaining and to take charge of your own life. You are in command. Nobody else!
  3. Keep a notebook with you and write down every instance in which you complain about something and how it improved or didn’t improved the situation and what you could have done instead!
  4. Relax and enjoy your new life free of complaining!


  1. People that always gossip and complain are literally the worst. But then again this comment reads almost like a complaint it self.

  2. I never understood why people complain all the time. The worst are those people that complain all the time and when you tell them how they can better their situation they don’t even listen. Seems like they just want to unload their negativity on someone else. If you do that to me we won’t be friends very long.

    • This!!!
      My ex-best friend did this all the time. Always complained but never took any of my advice till I had enough.

      Other friends told me recently that she complains that I quit our friendship. Go figure Jennifer!