How to make money online: Simple Reasons Why You Aren't Making Money Online Yet!

8 Simple Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Money (Yet)

Are you trying to make money online?

But it doesn’t work?

Or it only works a little bit, but not enough?

And you waste more money and time without getting anything in return?

I know how that feels.

It sucks to say it lightly.

Maybe, you even want to give up, but before you do read the eight biggest reasons why you aren’t making money yet and how to change it.

Let’s start…

1. You Don’t Want It

Happy Pool Girl
Do you want to make enough money to own a private pool? And to also have the time to use that pool?

It might seem counter-intuitive, because why would you read this article if you don’t want to make money online?

But do you?

Ask yourself: How Bad Do I Want It?

Do you do everything you can, or are you bullshitting yourself?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I sold on me?
  • Am I sold on my business?
  • Am I sold on making money online?
  • Or do I just kinda want it?

How do you recognize if you just kinda want it?

Glad you asked.

Here are some red signs:

  • You know all the newest movies and have time to watch them.
  • You have time to browse social media.
  • You keep up with the Kardashians or any other celebrity and social media figure.
  • You know which sports team won the last game or which side is first in the league.
  • You have time to meet with friends casually and not only for business.
  • You spend money and time partying.
  • You buy expensive gadgets that aren’t increasing your earning power.
  • You read, read, read, but never do anything.
  • You know what you should do, but don’t do it.

Are all these things evil?


I am not saying that, but if you aren’t getting what you want, you need to change.

There is no shame in saying: “Making money online, being my own boss, and doing what I want is not for me.”

Seriously, this is not for everybody.

Maybe you are not cut out to make money online.

Maybe you should take a step back, get a regular job, relax, and enjoy your life.

But if you say: “I want to make money online. I want to be my own boss. I want to do what I want and when I want it.” Then you need to put in the effort and time to get what you want.

You have to hustle!

You have to ask yourself:

  • How bad do I want it?
  • Am I doing everything I can to be successful?
  • Or am I bullshitting myself?
  • Do I even want it in the first place?

If you discover that you don’t do everything you can to realize your dreams and you are not willing to change that, no worries. It’s your life.

I am not judging you, because I know how hard it is.

But don’t bitch around and ask yourself why you haven’t made if you don’t give it your all.

Because if you don’t give it 100% and do everything you possibly can, you are just making excuses. And you know what they say about excuses:

Excuses are like asses, everyone has one, and they all stink.

2. You Search Excuses

how to never complain again
It’s time to be badass and to stop complaining about your life!

Excuses are an unsuccessful man’s best friend.

Some people even seem to think that they get extra points for every excuse they can add.

And I don’t want to argue that some excuses might be valid. Because some excuses are true.

But what does it change?

What does it change?



You only give the power to change your life away. You give it to your excuse.

Maybe the economy is terrible. So what?

You can’t change it. Make the best out of it. Some of the most successful companies started in major downturns.

Somebody did you wrong? Oh no, poor you. Should we throw you a self-pity party?

Maybe they even stole millions. So what?

The question is: What can you do now?

The money is already gone. Either find a way to get it back or be okay with the fact that you paid a lot of money to get rid of some people in your life and move on.

In essence, you paid them to get out of your life even though you didn’t intend to.

Remember Excuses Change Nothing

They only keep you poor.

They keep you from changing your life.

They take your power away.

Reclaim your power.

Take responsibility for everything in your life and beat your excuses.

You are more powerful than you think you are.

Get rid of your excuses. Now!

3. You Follow The Wrong Advice

do you follow the wrong advice
Do you follow the right advice? And what is the right advice for you? Everybody can start a blog.

Right here, right now, this advice might be wrong for you.

That’s why I always say follow you.

Be your own leader.

Always ask yourself: How is this advice helping me in my situation?

Because this advice might be right now but wrong in five years. Or it’s wrong now and good in five years.

Always asks yourself:

  • Who is giving you what kind of advice?
  • Why are they giving it to you?
  • Do they want to make money with you?
  • Do they have hidden motives?

This also includes this article, website, and myself.

Ask: “Hey, why did you write this article?”

But ask it yourself, because I might not tell you the whole story.

Maybe I even tell you some obscure story to arouse some deep desires to sell you a super product right now.

Who knows?

Well, I know of course!

But I want you to think for yourself because there can be a lot of bad agents in the field especially with websites that are about making money online, relationships, or health advice.

In the make money online field that can be people that tell you to start a blog to make money only to sell you an expensive course about how to make money blogging and to get money through affiliate marketing as you sign up to a web host they promote and for what they get over $100 even though the web host isn’t the best.

In the health industry, it might be the woman who promotes green juices to cure cancer to then die a few years later through that cancer. Or it’s even the food company that tells you that sugar is good for your health.

In the relationship industry, it might be the man who sells you an expensive program that teaches you a lot of strategies and gimmicks, which make it even harder for you to build successful and loving relationships. It might get you laid in the short-term but creates difficulties in your ability to connect on a deeper level in the long-term.

Or look at some of the biggest companies in the world, do they have your best interest in mind or do they want to make more money?

Are Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Nestle, McDonald’s, CocaCola, and so many more big companies looking out for you? Or are they doing you harm?

Not every case is as obvious as the green juices and cancer thing, that’s why you should always follow you and ask: Is this advice good for me in my situation?

4. You Believe Money Is Evil

Man Spending Money
Do you sabotage yourself and give all your money away?

You will have big problems to make money online if you believe that making money online is evil and that rich people are always unhappy.

Because you can’t start a successful business if you believe that it will make you unhappy, you will only fight an uphill battle.

You will sabotage yourself.

Maybe you are already sabotaging yourself, by not going for everything you can go for and not getting the money you deserve.

Reframe what you believe to be true about money! And get the negative beliefs out of your system.

Moreover as one of our primary rules says…

Be Unapologetic About Life!

That includes being unapologetic about making money, as long as you do it ethically.

Being unapologetic about life has the purpose of destroying the mindset in you that making money, being rich, and getting what you want is evil or bad.

Because going for what you want or making a lot of money isn’t evil.

Can you do a lot of bad things with money?

Yes, of course.

But you can also do a lot of good things with money!

Wouldn’t it be better if you could decide on what to spend money on and who receives help? Instead of somebody else deciding it?

I bet it’s better because you can use the money you earned to support people or causes that are worth supporting according to you.

For more read:

5. You Don’t Like To Spend Money

Make Money Online
Are you ready to make money online and then spend it?

Be okay spending money.

I know, I know, countless money saving books tell you to save every penny.

And that a penny saved is a penny earned.

But that’s bullshit. A penny saved is still just a penny saved, and that’s not how you get rich.

Instead, increase your income. Earn more to spend more is the name of the game.

Ask yourself:

  • Would I like to travel the world now or when I am retired with 65?
  • Would I like to buy my dream house now or in 40 years?

If you are like me, you want to do it now.

And for that, you need to increase your income!

One way to do it is to spend more money to get rid of the money shortage mindset in your mind.

By the way, I am not advocating to go on a shopping spree to buy useless gadgets or clothing items.

I advocate investing in you.

Buy the book your best friend told you to buy and read it today. Not in 3 years.

A Seminar seems promising? Go to it and educate yourself.

Take the healthy food option if you eat out, even when it costs you more.

Get good at spending money if it’s good for you.

Because if you have a money shortage mindset and don’t like to spend money, you will have problems making money.

Because you believe everybody is like you and not buying anything when in contrast people spend billions on stupid things like another TV or car, they can’t afford.

Get good at spending money and invest it in yourself to get rid of the money shortage mindset in your brain.

6. You Bought The Wrong Plan Or Never Bought One In The First Place

Plan Your Future
Do you have the right plan to be successful online?

Creating some website, some Instagram account, or some Youtube channel is not a strategy.

Instead, a strategy would be:

  • Figure out what you want to do in life and how much money you need to realize your dreams.
  • Find a market you want to be involved in where people spend a lot of money.
  • Find out what kind of product these people need and want.
  • Create a product custom made for these people.
  • Get these people to see and buy your product.

That’s one strategy that works. Do you need to follow that strategy?

No, you can find your own strategy!

But if it didn’t work till now, you might give my strategy a try.

A product in this example could be even a product that is a youtube show that is tailored to moms that got their first babies.

But you should have an objective, you should have a market, and you should know what you stand for and what you stand against in your industry.

Maybe you are the breastfeeding mom that only buy’s zero waste and eco-friendly products. And you are against any artificial chemicals or producing waste that is not recyclable.

Boom, you are already different from all the other regular mom blogs and youtube shows because you are specializing on a particular topic and stand for and against something.

When other zero waste and eco-friendly moms search for a blog or youtube show, who will they follow first: you or a generic vlogger? You, because you are exactly what they are searching.

The bottom line is that you are differentiating yourself from all the other mom and baby youtube shows, vlogs, and blogs. Because you are standing for and against something.

It’s the same reason why I say: be unapologetic about making money and make as much money as you can in an ethical way and don’t start a fucking blog. Because most websites advise you to start a blog or to save yourself to a million. Which is both doable, but really hard.

7. You Read, Read, Read

How to beat your fears
Do you only read, read, read or are you ready to beat your fears and take massive action?

You won’t get rich by reading alone.

Or do you know someone who gets paid to read?

If you know someone, let me know I want to get their job.

But please stop reading.

If you don’t act on the information you consume, you could just rewatch the entire seven seasons of game of thrones instead. It might be more productive.

You already know enough if you spent the last three months only reading, but not taking any action.

You don’t need to read another article or book. You need to act!

Stop reading. It’s worth a damn because you don’t know if it works until you tried it yourself. So go out there and try it yourself.

Do something! Anything!

Then if you find yourself stuck, you can read a little bit. The emphasis is on a little bit. Get the information you need and then get back to work.

Look at the information you consume and ask yourself: Does this information contribute to me changing my life? To me earning more money? Or is it a waste of time and nothing more than an intellectual exercise? Does it show for something?

8. You Don’t Take Massive Action

Life Change Massive Action
Do you take massive action to change your life? Or do you just take some and call it a day?

The reality is, most people fail in life because they don’t take enough action. Maybe they take a little bit of action, but it’s not enough.

You might have a brilliant idea, a website, and a product to sell, but then you are too lazy to get qualified visitors who are interested in your product.

Or you have a lot of visitors but don’t take the time to create an excellent product that they want.

Instead, you search for the quick fix, the magic button to become successful. And oh wonder, that doesn’t work. Duh!

Get your selves up and get back to work.

If it were easy everybody would do it.

But that’s the brilliant thing.

Because it’s easy if you put in the work and are not distracted by shiny objects along the road. It’s easy if you put in the work not only one day but every single day.

But as Jim Rohn said:

What is easy to do is easy not to do.

Do it now.

Take action.

Create a product to sell, advertise your website, or write an email to your newsletter subscribers. Just do something. And be on your way to make more money online now, and not in 10 years!

Action Steps:

  1. How bad do you want it?
  2. Are you making excuses? Get rid of them!
  3. Reframe your mindset about money. You want to earn more money and spend it.
  4. Stop reading and take action.
  5. Download this guide to figure out how you want to make money online and get a 4 step system to make money this month.