Are you worried you don't make enough money online with your website?

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Website or Blog Isn’t Making Any Money

Would You Use Your Website? Yes or No?

Do you have a website, but you aren’t making any money?

Or you make some money, but it isn’t enough to make a living?

And you put in countless if not thousands of hours, but it’s not working?

Here are the four most common reasons why you aren’t making money online and what’s stopping you and your website from getting the money you deserve!

Let’s start…

1. You Have No Or The Wrong Product

Do you have the right product
Do you have the right product to sell?

Or in other words: You Never Try To Sell Anything.

One of the first questions I ask, when I work together with website owners is: Do you have a product to sell? Or just a website with information?

And if you have a product, are you selling it?
Are you telling everybody about your product?
Or do you keep it hidden?

Furthermore, is your product something people want, need, and desire to solve their challenges, needs, and problems?

Or is it something people might only like, but not love?

If you want to make money online, you need a product you believe in and that people actually need and want to buy.

Do you have that product combined with an irresistible offer?

Or are you too scared to sell what you have to offer?

For example: A blog alone is not a product, nor is a website that only contains information!

Can you still make a lot of money with a regular website?

Yes, if your traffic is right.

If you get a lot of traffic, you get money no matter what. But even then it would be easier to make a lot of money if you have an excellent product to sell.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be your product.

You can make millions selling other peoples products too.

2. You Have No Or The Wrong Traffic

Website Make Money Blog
Are you making money with your blog or website already?

If nobody knows your product or visits your website, how are you going to make money?

It’s impossible.

If people don’t know you, they can’t buy from you.

You need to get attention.

I repeat myself; you need to get attention.

Because we are in the attention economy right now, that’s why everybody fights for your attention.

See newspapers with sensational headlines, social media designed to get you addicted, and websites full of pop-ups and advertisements that you can’t even operate the site.

Most people have information overload and get bombarded with countless things everywhere they go.

So if you want to make money, you need attention. People need to know that you are out there.

Market yourself!

If you have a problem with marketing yourself, then that’s mostly because of two things:

  1. You have a crappy product or a product you don’t believe in.
  2. You are not sold on you and don’t want attention. You only want the money.

Because if you were sold on you and that you are the right person to get the job done and if you are sold on your product and know that what you are selling is the best thing that is out there, you will be forced to market yourself. Because it would be a loss to society if people don’t get to know you and your product.

As a test answer these questions quickly:

  1. Do you believe your product or website is the best out there?
  2. Do you believe you are the right person to do it?
  3. Are you convinced that people need to know you, your product, and your website? Because their lives will be better and they need you?

What are your answers?

If you don’t make money online it’s because you know your product isn’t the best, you are not the best, or/and you don’t believe in you and your product.

Change that. It’s the only way you will feel good enough to get the attention you need.

To learn more and if you have the wrong traffic download: The Free Dream Life Guide

3. Your Website, Content, And Product Suck

Website Ideas Design
Would you buy your product? Would you want to read your own website?

Look objectively at your website.

Is it any good?

How do you stack up against your competition?

Are you better than your competition or is your website garbage and any visitor would be better off to go to your competitors?

Be objective and if necessary ask a friend that knows your business and your competition what he thinks. You don’t want to ask friends that don’t know anything about your industry, because they might give you bad advice as they aren’t your target market.

If you don’t have such a friend, write me an email, and I will give you my honest feedback.

Be honest with yourself:

  • Is your website any good?
  • Is it easy to read and navigate?
  • Is it clear what a visitor should do once they land on your website?
  • Is your content solving a problem? Or do you only talk about yourself?
  • What do you and your website stand for? What are you against?
  • What is your unique angle?
  • Do you even need a website or would a simple landing page be enough?
  • Does a new visitor get what your website is about? Or will he be confused?
  • Is your product the best in the marketplace? Or do you know that a competitor has a better product and service?
  • Do you have the best service?
  • And even if your product and service aren’t the best, do you at least care the most?

Answering these questions will get you to insights that if you follow them and act upon them will make you profitable.

In the end, it all comes down to this:

Do you have a product people actually want and that is great?

If you have such a product and market it a little bit, it will sell itself with ease.

If you have a lousy product, you can still make a lot of money if you are great at marketing.

But you fight an uphill battle, and you would make even more money if you would promote a great product that is worthy of your fantastic marketing skills.

4. You Follow An Old Money Making System That Never Worked In The First Place

Money System Not Working
Do you only make pennies? Maybe your business idea is broken from the start.

This is especially true if you have a blog. And if having a blog is your only strategy.

A blog alone isn’t a business.

It’s only a business if you get millions of visitors or sell things like coaching & consulting, e-commerce products, and guides.

A blog is a traffic generation strategy. A strategy to get people to your website and products. Not more. And mostly a slow and difficult one to execute.

If you sell coaching, for example, it’s a better idea to do paid advertising using Facebook ads than to build a blog for two years and still not getting any customers.

With Facebook, a little bit of money, and the right targeting methods you can speak to your target market in a few hours and get your first customer in a day.

No need to create a blog.

If you aren’t making enough money to support your life, ask yourself:

  1. Am I following a system that works? Is it even possible to make money with this? Or am I following a system that somebody sold me to make money off me?
  2. What could I do instead to make money online? Something that actually works?
  3. Am I at a dead end with what I do and instead of pouring more time and money into something that’s broken from the beginning, should I work on something new instead?
  4. Is the gold rush in this industry already over? And the only way to make money is to niche down and be the best in the industry… whereas a few years ago it was good enough to be one of a few, as there wasn’t any competition?
  5. If I had to start new, would I still do what I do now or would I do something else instead? What’s stopping me from doing that?
  6. Would I buy from me? If not what do I need to change? Am I making these changes?
  7. Am I sold on me and my business? If not, what needs to change?
  8. Have I done the math? The math on how much money I need every month and what I need to do to get it? How many products do I need to sell every month? Every week? Every Day? How many visitors do I need for that? How much will it cost me to get these visitors?

Know your math to find out, if what you do even works!

Maybe your system and how you do things is already broken from the beginning, and it’s impossible to make the kind of money you want to make.

So why continue with it, if you know it will not work?

Still don’t know, if your business is broken from the beginning? Download The Free Dream Life Guide!

Additional Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Money

At last, here are some additional but not major reasons why you don’t make money with your website:

  • Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices.
  • You don’t know your audience.
  • Your site is disorganized.
  • Your site is not optimized for selling.
  • Your website is ugly.
  • Your conversion process sucks.
  • You lack credibility.

Remember these are all additional reasons. But they won’t help you if you don’t have a great product that people want to buy.

And I don’t care what your product is: Maybe it’s a great youtube show, consulting work for gyms, a vegan recipe cookbook, or selling t-shirts.

Unless you are one of the first to do something, your product needs to be great. Because why else would somebody buy from you instead of your competitors?

And the next beautiful thing is that it will make everything else so much easier. Because if you have a great product, you will make money even if you have a crappy website or your conversion process sucks.

The other way around it isn’t as easy.

So instead of reading another article about marketing, work on your product.

How can you make what you offer even more amazing? Ask your visitors, fans, and subscribers what they want from you, and then give it to them. That’s the easiest way to make money: Create a kickass product that people want to buy!

Do you have a kickass product?

Action Steps:

  1. Are you following a business strategy that will get you to success?
  2. Do you have a product that people want to buy?
  3. Do you have qualified visitors that want to buy your product?
  4. Is your website & product great or is your competition better?
  5. Are you sold on your business and product to get the attention it deserves?
  6. Would you read your own articles and buy your own products?

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