Do what you want. Screw everything else!

How To Not Give A Fuck – Do What You Want (Easy Method)

Follow You And No One Else!

I get an allergic reaction if somebody tells me: ‘You should be this! You should do that!’

Especially if the other person doesn’t even know me. For all I know, he could be a whacko.

So how can you validate what somebody else writes or says is of any value?

You Can’t And I Can’t Too

That’s the whole point.

Follow yourself. Don’t follow me or anybody. Be your own leader.

Instead of following others, think and decide for yourself.

You are the person that has to live with the consequences of your actions. Nobody else does.

Make your decisions as I make mine.

Do What You Want

As long as you are comfortable with what you get in return.

Do you want to stay in bed all day? Fine, do it.

As long as it makes you happy, and you are not staying in bed because you are too attached to feeling comfortable.

Ask yourself: Do I want to stay in bed because it’s comfortable or because I really want to stay in bed? Because I need to stay in bed?

Am I lying to myself? Is it just a story I tell myself? Or a fact?

I wonder how many times I lied to myself when I knew it better.

Do you realize when you are lying to yourself?
Even though you know it better?

You Should Never Have To Do Anything

Because you are good the way you are.

And when I or somebody else tells you, you should do this; you should change that.

We actually say: “We don’t accept you for who you are. That’s why we want you to change. We don’t accept you as the person you are currently. We don’t accept you as a whole human being.”

Maybe you even tell yourself: “I should eat healthier. I should lose weight. I should make more money. I should do X so I can be okay. Whole. So I will be alright. Till then I am not.”

That’s fucked up. Because you are whole already. The way you are.

There is no reason to change. Unless you want to change.

Instead from a feeling of: “I need to change. Otherwise, I don’t feel whole. Otherwise, I am not okay. I need to do this.”

Let it come from a feeling of: “I am okay with who I am, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be. If something looks like fun, I try it out, but I don’t have to.”

What Sounds Like Fun Is Your Decision

Maybe going to the gym is fun. Maybe it’s hell. And perhaps you would be more comfortable playing basketball with your friends.

Maybe getting a new job is fun. Maybe you don’t need a new job as your current one is good enough. Or perhaps you want to quit it all!

I can’t tell you what to do. Your mother can’t tell you what to do. Nor can your friends or society.

We don’t live your life. Only you live yours. And you have to live with every decision you make, even if somebody else made it for you because you didn’t decide yourself.

Decide for yourself.

Take charge of your life.

Don’t let somebody tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

Screw Them

How To Not Give A Fuck
Be You. Do Whatever The Fuck You Want!

Do what you want. Life is too short to do it any other way.

If you don’t love this article: Screw it. You already know it better!

You only have this one precious life. You only have this one opportunity.

Don’t waste it.

So what should you do?

That’s right you should give a fuck. That’s as much as you should ever do.

Go out and do what you want. What else is there?

Stop the you should do that; you should do this madness!

Do what you want.

Action Steps:

  1. Follow yourself!
  2. With every advice you get, even this article, ask yourself: Is this good advice for me in my situation?
  3. Do you. Do what you want. Don’t give a fuck what everybody else thinks. Beat your fears.