Pick A Habit

Pick A Habit

Pick the habit you want to change!

If you already know which habit you want to change, go directly to step two. Click Here!

Here Are Some Simple Habits You Can Start With:

Drink One Glass Of Water A Day​​​​

Read One Page A Day

Meditate For Two Minutes A Day

Write 50 Words A Day

Run For Two Minutes A Day

Play An Instrument For Two Minutes A Day

​Pick something you can do at a specific time and be done with it.

Start with something simple and easy, especially if it's your first try at changing your habits or if you tried to change your habits in the past, but failed again and again.

Because you want to rebuild the trust in yourself that you can change your habits and your life! That’s why you want to start small and short.

For example, you should only aim to read one page a day instead of thirty or one hundred. Because you can read one page even if you are ill or have no time, but thirty or one hundred is a lot more challenging.

Also, reading one page is the prerequisite to reading one hundred pages. If you don't read the first page, you won't read the ninety-nine pages after that anyway!

Learn more about starting small in lesson 2!

Can I choose more than one habit?

Of course, you can. But should you?

For most people, and of course, you might be the exception, it's not a good idea to change a lot of habits simultaneously!

It's better to choose one habit and change that habit completely, so you don't have to think about it anymore! Because it's your new normal. It's your new life!

Then use this habit as a building block to change the rest of your life. Because if you can change one habit, you can change another habit. And if you can change two, three, or even ten habits you can change your entire life.

It's much easier to change one habit (especially if you make it small) and be successful at changing it, than changing ten habits.

Because if you try to change ten habits at once, you might fail at all of them, especially after your first initial burst of motivation vanished.

Habit change is a skill!

It's about learning how to be good at changing your habits!

That's why the habit examples further above are simple habits that you can start with today and that are easy to keep doing, especially if you continue with the rest of the course.

In the end, you don't want to make it hard for yourself to change your habits! You want to make it easy!

The moment it gets hard is the moment you will fail. That's why I urge you to change only one habit in the beginning. 

You still need to change more than one habit?

Then at least make one habit your main priority. The one habit you have to do. The rest you can abandon or fail at, but not this habit. This is your primary and most crucial habit! The one habit that will change everything, because this is the one habit that is the start of your new life!

Can I start with quitting a bad habit?

Again you can, but should you?

Habits like smoking, gossiping, or playing games are often hard to change because they require constant awareness. That's why for most people it's more challenging to quit smoking than to read one page a day or drink one glass of water a day.

To quit smoking, you might need to suppress the urge to smoke 10, 20, or 50 times a day!

That's much more challenging than to remember to read one page a day and be done with the habit!

In short, unless your motivation to quit your bad habit is super high, and you know you can sustain that motivation, start with a simple habit!

It all comes back to building trust in yourself that you can change your life. Develop the trust in yourself by changing one simple habit first. After you have done that you can tackle harder habits, because now you know for a fact that you can do it.

But decide for yourself!

Maybe you have this one big bad habit that you know is not good for you and that you wanted to quit for a long time, then do that! Especially with the help of this course. 

Learn in these lessons how to quit bad habits!


Habit change is a skill you learn.

It all starts with changing that first habit.

That's how you build the trust in yourself that you can change everything in your life.

The more habits you change, the better you will be at it.

Start with something easy and level up with time!

Action Steps:

1. Pick one habit to change!

2. Only one habit!

3. Great. Go to the next step!

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