Are you ready to fuck up? Because you will die either way!

FUCK UP – You Will Die

Deliberately Fuck Up!

Is this the intro…?




It seems like I fucked up the intro.

But I want to fuck up.

I want to feel pain and suffering.

I want to fail tremendously because it keeps the pressure off me.

Because I don’t need to meet the expectations of others or myself on who I should or shouldn’t be.

I don’t need to be perfect. I can just be.

Without judging. Without thinking: “Oh, what do they think about me? What do I think about myself?”

Without agonizing about the fact that I am not living my dream life. That this is not the life I envisioned for myself as a young kid. That I failed and will fail again, and it’s okay to do so.

Fucking Up Is Okay

It’s a big realization to know: Failing is okay.

Because if I embrace failure and stop judging, fucking up is not fucking up anymore, but merely an experience.

Not good or bad. It just is.

All my life I kept myself from reaching my true potential because I wanted to do it all perfect. Instead of just doing it.

Find the perfect friend, the perfect girl, the perfect business, the perfect life. But then I got stuck, reading and thinking about all my options. Doing nothing.

As the moment I would have acted on my dreams, I could have done something wrong, and my perfect life would have floated away, into the abyss.

Instead, my perfect life drifted away, because I never took any chances and a perfect life is nothing more than a dream. It’s not reality.

Deliberately Fuck Up

Because you will do it either way.

You will make mistakes, fail, and regret some things. That’s part of life.

How you harm yourself is by trying to do it all perfectly, to prevent yourself from fucking up because you don’t go for everything you could go for.

That’s how you fuck up yourself. As you aren’t doing everything that you want to do, as you are too scared to make mistakes.

You Fuck Up By Trying To Be Perfect

Happy Couple - Fuck Up
Just be you and do what you want!

You can continue trying to be perfect and pretend your life is okay by not taking any chances. Or you can say:

My life is short.

I don’t have more time to squander by pretending to be somebody I am not. By trying to protect my ego from doing something imperfect.

Because there is no perfection… ever.

I am willing to fuck up. I’m ready to embarrass the fuck out of myself. Because that will mean: I am alive.

It will mean I can do all the things I always want to do, without being worried about the outcome.”

Are You Willing To Fuck Up?

Are you willing to be free?

Because the moment we don’t have to pretend anymore, we will be free.

What do you fear?

What do you worry about?

What self-image do you try to protect? Let it go and give up!

What are you scared of? Just Fuck Up! You will die either way.

Will it matter? No.

So Fuck Up. Be you and do whatever the fuck you want.

You have nothing to lose. Or do you?

Action Steps:

  1. What is something you want to do, but you are too scared to do it because you are afraid to fuck it up?
  2. Do It Anyways!