Stop dreaming and start working on your dreams!

Stop Dreaming (Follow Your Dreams)

Follow Your Dreams & Get Everything You Want!

Do you follow your dreams?

Are you where you want to be?

Or are you afraid to follow your dreams?

Are you afraid of getting what you want?

Are you afraid of not being able to do it?

Are you afraid of failing?

Then ask yourself this:

What’s the worst that could happen if you followed your dreams?

And especially if you would fail?

  • Could people think you are a loser?
  • Could friends talk behind your back?
  • Could you waste a lot of money?
  • And might you need to start all over again?

Could it get that bad… and would it be as bad as you imagine? Or are your fears unreasonable?

On the other side, what’s the best that could happen, if you would follow your dreams?

  • Would you be proud of yourself?!
  • Would you be free of regret?!
  • Would you inspire others to do the same?!
  • Would you get what you want in life?!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?!

And maybe you should ask an entirely different question:

What is the worst that could happen if you don’t follow your dreams?

  • Could you get depressed?
  • Could you hate yourself?
  • Could you agonize about lost years?
  • Could you lament about not following what you want in life?
  • Could you realize you had only this one shot, and wasted it?

Do you want to look back at your life and see everything you didn’t do because you were too scared? Or do you want to look back and see everything you did do, and be proud of yourself?!

Have the courage to follow your dreams.
Have the courage to overcome your fears.
Have the courage to pursue what you want.

Keep going till your only regret is: “Why didn’t I follow my dreams earlier? Why did I waste so much time?”

Stop Dreaming, Stop Wishing!

Follow Your Dreams
Are you following your dreams?

Start Doing! Turn your dreams into reality.

When I was younger, I always fantasized about becoming a great star, getting filthy rich, going there, doing things, but it never amounted to anything.

The only thing it amounted to was that I still lived a crappy life.

That I didn’t get things done.

That I didn’t live the life I always wanted to live, as I wasted my time living in a fantasy world.

Because that’s what it is when you dream all day… Just a fantasy.

Crush Your Fantasies – Make Them Real

Quit dreaming, start living.

Make your dreams a reality by taking the necessary action TODAY!

Not tomorrow. Because tomorrow never comes. When tomorrow arrives, it will be today again, and you will still need to do it.

Instead: Do It Now!

Now, not in 10 years!

What can you do today, to make your life better?

If you know what it is? Do it!

Don’t dream of doing it. Don’t wish somebody would do it for you. Just Do it.

Don’t wait. Do it and Do it and Do it and Do it some more.

And then do it some more till your dreams are no longer your dreams, but your reality.

I trust in you to do it. Do you trust yourself?

What can you do right now to make your dreams a reality?

What would be the first step to living your dream life?

Take the first step.

Decide what you need to do right now and do it. Close everything else. Turn off your phone and place it in another room. Get your headphones out and signal to everyone: “I’m on my way to success!”

What are you waiting for?

Follow your dreams.

Waiting will not make them real.

And it definitely won’t make it easier. You just waste more time.

So do it now! Crush your fears.

Every day is another chance to make your dreams come true. If you pursue them!

Follow your dreams now!

What can you do today to realize all your dreams? Do that.

Because for all you know, you only have this life. You won’t get another chance. Use this one life and get everything you want.

Action Steps:

  1. What are your dreams?
  2. Do you follow them?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. What do you need to do to fulfill your dreams!
  5. Stop dreaming, start doing. What is one thing you can do right now to turn your dreams into reality? Do that.
  6. Take massive action to turn your dreams into reality!

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