Learn To Exercise Daily The easy Way!

Learn To Exercise Daily [With One Simple Trick]

Make it so simple you cannot fail!

Do you exercise daily already?

Or do you have a hard time exercising every day?

Maybe you don’t exercise at all.

If that’s the case, it’s time to start because daily exercise has countless health benefits!

How To Exercise Daily

Push Ups man
Long-term consistency is more important than your short-term gain.

Begin with a small exercise habit, because a small exercise habit is easy to start and easy to continue.

In general, with every habit change in your life, you want to find something that is easy to do. Because if it’s too hard, there will come a day when you don’t want to do it anymore. No matter how high your willpower is.

That’s why you should start with something that is so easy that you cannot not do it.

Focus on a small exercise habit like running two minutes, ten push-ups, or twenty jumping jacks.

Still not convinced?

What is easier to do for the rest of the year:

  • Running two minutes or forty minutes every day?
  • Doing ten push-ups or going to the gym every day?

Could you train two hours today? Of course!

But will you be able to do it two months or even two weeks from now?

Most people can’t.

That’s why you want to build up consistency first and increase the volume of the exercises later.

It’s all about the start because if you don’t start, you don’t do it at all.

The beautiful thing is that we speak about a minimum exercise habit. If you want to do more today, you can. But if you’re going to do just ten push-ups or two minutes of running, that’s totally fine too.

Because the best exercise habit is the one you’ll actually do and stick to.

Start Small

Daily exercise
What can you do every day and not get sick of it?

Start a small exercise habit for the rest of the year!

Because it will not only be easier than signing up for a gym and trying to go three times a week, but you will also build up the consistency and trust to believe in yourself.

And moreover, you will learn that you can change your life in small steps.

And that’s all that it takes… the belief that you can do it.

That you can change your life!

That you can get what you want to get!

It all begins with starting small. Doing it a little bit and having fun while doing it.

Here are some exercises that you can start today:

  1. Running for 2 minutes
  2. 20 Jumping Jacks
  3. 10 Push Ups
  4. 10 Squats
  5. 5 Burpees
  6. Taking the Stairs instead of the elevator
  7. Biking for 10 minutes
  8. Just go to the gym, you don’t have to train.

Remember with all these exercises; they are minimum exercises. If you want to do more, you can.

I remember one day I wanted to go for a 30-minute run and I ended up running for 3 and a half hours. Was I overly exhausted after the run? Yes, but I loved it. I saw a lot of the city, and I had a great time.

Would I’ve run 3 and a half hours if I planned to? No.

No way. And I probably wouldn’t have liked it too. Because from the beginning I would have thought: “Fuck another 3 hours.”

Instead, I just planned to go for 30 minutes and just kept running.

That’s what you can do too.

Do 10 push-ups every day, and on some days you keep going to 40, 60, or even 200.

The same goes if you are a member of the gym. Just go to the gym every day. If you don’t want to train just leave immediately and go back home. But that probably won’t happen very often, and you train yourself to go to the gym every single day which is a prerequisite to train every single day in the gym either way.

Last but not least…

If you don’t like running don’t force yourself to run just because you read a book or some fitness magazine about how good running is. Instead, join a basketball team, go swimming, or play football with your friends.

You will still train your endurance, but have much more fun doing it.

And that’s the whole gist of exercising daily: You need to have fun!

If it’s not fun or doesn’t give you anything back, you will not keep it up.

So make it fun, make it easy, start small, and exercise daily.

Let’s do this!

Action Steps:

  1. Pick a small exercise habit! Something that you can do for the rest of the year.
  2. Make it so simple you cannot fail.
  3. If you fail, make it even simpler. Ten push-ups are too hard? Start with one. One is too hard? Start with jumping jacks.
  4. Building consistency & momentum has priority. You need to build the habit to exercise daily first. Increase the intensity later. If you successfully do your minimal exercise habit for two weeks each day, you can aim to do more every day. But until then stick to your minimal exercise habit and do it daily.

With which small exercise habit will you start today?

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