Declutter Your Social Life

Who needs to go and who can stay?!

Can you afford to keep negative people in your life?

Do you have a friend that is always negative, gossips, or is complaining?

Then it’s time to say goodbye.

As Jim Rohn said: “Some people you can afford to spend a few minutes with, but not a few hours.”

From now on, it’s either hell yes or no. If someone isn’t sparking the response: “Hell Yes! I want to meet you.” Don’t meet up.

Learn to walk away and say “No!”

Concentrate on you and your mission. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do.

Make a list of all your friends and ask yourself: The last three times I met this friend, was I happy or glad that I met him? Or did it drain me?

Also, make a list of all your social obligations and ask yourself: Are these events helping me to get where I want to be? Or is it time to say goodbye to focus on what’s truly important?!

The people you spend your time with will shape your life.

As Les Brown said: “If you run around with losers, you will end up a loser… unconsciously!”

If you want a different life, you need to change your environment.

Spend time with people that truly make you happy. Call your dad or a friend that is always there for you and that you didn’t see for a long time. And talk to them right now.

A cherry on top, if you tell them how much they mean to you and arrange plans to see each other.

It’s the people in our lives, not the things that matter the most.

Action Steps:

  1. Make a list of all your friends that drain your energy and limit the time you spent with them.
  2. Make a list of all your social obligations and let go of the unnecessary ones to make room for what’s truly important.
  3. Make a list of 10 people that if you would know them or be friends with them could change your life. Also, create a plan to meet them.
  4. Don’t just create these lists. Act upon them.
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