3 Quick Steps To Change Your Life Today!

Reclaim Your Life!

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Do what you want to do, not only what you should do.

Changing your life isn’t rocket science. It’s doing one step after another.

The steps in this article are simple, but as Jim Rohn said: “What is easy to do is easy not to do.”

I promise you will change your life if you follow the steps in this article.

Just remember: “What is easy to do is easy not to do.” – Jim Rohn

1. Conduct an Honest Self-Assessment

Before you start to change your life, you should always ask yourself: “Do I even want to change my life?”

Sometimes there is no reason to change. And other times your why, why you want to change, isn’t big enough for you to go through with it and change your life.

Ask yourself: How bad do I want to change my life?

A lot of people run around from one goal to the next without ever appreciating the life they already live.

Going from kindergarten to school to university to the first apartment to the first job to the first house and on and on. It never ends.

On top of that advertisements & movies are preaching to us that we need to have more… that there is more to life.

They preach that there is something wrong with us or that we are missing something to sell us more stuff so we can finally feel okay with ourselves and our lives.

And of course a lot of times there is more to life than just going to work day in and day out.

But other times our lives could be perfect if we would appreciate the life we already have and don’t stand in our own way.

The question remains: Do you want to change your life? Or are you happy already?

Let’s make an honest self-assessment.

Look at these six areas of your life:

  • Work & Career
  • Money & Finances
  • Health & Wellness
  • Love & Romance
  • Family & Friends
  • Fun & Lifestyle

And ask yourself:

  1. What do I like about these areas?
  2. What do I dislike?

Another set of questions could be:

  1. What do I need to do more of?
  2. What do I need to do less of?

Make a list to each of these six areas and answer the list truthfully.

Do it now. Otherwise, you won’t do it at all. And all it takes are a couple of minutes because if you read this article you already know the major things you like or dislike about your life and what you need to change. Maybe only subconsciously, but you know.

Bring it to paper. Now. Write it down.

2. Let go and get rid of old stuff

What is truly important at home?

In this step, you want to get rid of all the things that you dislike from your honest self-assessment.

These things might include:

What can and do you need to let go?

Write it down and take action!

3. Do Something New

After creating free time and space for yourself, ask yourself:

What could you add and do differently to break out of your comfort zone and to live the life you always wanted to have?

These things might include:

  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Sign up for a sports class like yoga, rock climbing, or swimming
  3. Book a solo vacation
  4. One day do everything you usually do with your stronger hand with your weaker hand
  5. Make a new friend
  6. Start a side hustle
  7. Help in the community
  8. Write a gratitude journal
  9. Write a mission statement
  10. Make a bucket list and start crossing things off that list
  11. Imagine your perfect day and try to do it as close as possible
  12. List 100 things that make you happy
  13. Learn a new language
  14. Go on a meditation retreat
  15. Ask for a promotion
  16. Start a new business

Living your perfect life doesn’t have to be difficult. Mostly it’s doing one step after another, overcoming your fears, and breaking out of your comfort zone. You can do it.

It’s easy if you do it. But here we are back to the beginning: “What is easy to do is easy not to do.”

Do it, even if it’s only one little change a day. Because if you start today and continue day after day your life will transform effortlessly. It all begins with one step. It all begins with just today, because that is what we ever have: today!

What is one thing you can change today?

Action Steps:

  1. Honestly ask yourself if you need to change your life? Maybe it is perfect already.
  2. If not, conduct an honest self-assessment.
  3. Let go and get rid of old stuff in your life and begin to do something new. Something you always wanted to do but never did till now.
  4. Did you go through these three steps and took action? Throw a party for yourself, because you rock!
  • Quality article again. I love that every article has action steps under them. Now it is on me to write those lists and do the work.