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What Others Are Saying:

What I learned through PURUM is that I'm worthy of more. I finally have the skills to live the life I want and be awesome at it.

- Julia

PURUM played a critical role in being more productive. In real numbers, that is the difference between working 30 hours or 50 hours a week. Or in having time for my family or not.

- Julia

PURUM gave me step by step guidance on how to change my habits to finally live the life I always wanted to have.

- Julia


How To Be More Productive Calender

How To Be More Productive In The Next 10 Minutes!

Learn nine simple ways to be more productive. Get things done! No more procrastination...

Habit Change Success

10Easy Steps To Change Any Habit You Like Today!

Changing your habits is simple if you break it down into these nine easy steps...

What is your life purpose? Working all day?

The Only Guide You Need: 21 Strange Questions To Find Your Life Purpose

Figure out what you want and find your life purpose with this simple guide!


In chemistry, PURUM stands for a chemical compound that is greater than about 95% pure.

For us, it means to lead a 95% pure, perfect life. Why 95%? Because there is no perfection in life, but near perfect, that's something we can aim for!

Let's build your dream life together!

What Others Are Saying:

My biggest win from PURUM was to understand how I can create a life that is custom-tailored to me, and that allows me to spend more time with my kids while working on my dreams.

- Julia

Don’t wait for another second to sign up. If you’ve wanted to change your life and habits for a long time, then PURUM will tip the scales in your favor. In less than two weeks, I finally accomplished things I procrastinated two years on.

- Julia

I love that the sole focus is on changing habits without any extra steps. It's short and to the point. Exactly what I needed. 

- Julia

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